My Programs

I am an amateur programmer. Right now, I only have my college capstone project (which has now evolved into a full text-based game project) here, but as I complete more programs, they will be added here as well.

Interactive Fiction Demo - This is my college capstone project; I expanded it into a short text-based game.
--Note: If you do not get the option to open this with "Java (TM) Platform SE binary", or the equivalent, you will have to save it to your computer and run it from there. Make sure when you save it that it has "All Types" selected in the save window, or it will not work properly.

Version Revision Notes

Test Interface Applet - This is a sample interface applet, based on the Interactive Fiction Demo interface.
Starmap Demo Applet - This is a demo of a "starmap" program. Currently it can only display a 2D circle of plotted points.